Stock Exchage "SLSE Japan", Yesterday

SLOJ "Second Life Online Japan"
Yesterday's Volume(shares):1,394
Open:45.00 Last:43.10
Low:42.10 Hight:45.00

After Japanese stock exchange SLSE Japan annouced the provisional rule which chancel a lock-up, 26 May, SLOJ's stock price has fallen.

CSJP "Cyber Space Market Sharing"
Yesterday's Volume(shares):1
Open:19.99 Last:19.99
Low:19.99 Hight:19.99

GRSC "Graphic Sociey"
Yesterday's Volume(shares):9,183
Open:11.80 Last:15.96
Low:11.00 Hight:15.96

SLSE Japan announced, The rule which cancel a lock-up

Japanese stock exchange SLSE Japan annouced the provisional rule which chancel a lock-up, 26 May.
SLSE Japan says, Market cannot make fair stock price now, becouse there are not stocks which circulate in a market enough.
Therefore, The lock-up of the stock which listed company staffs own is canceled.

A part of conditions which cancel a lock-up
-The company has to announce, one week before canceling a lock-up.
-It is impossible, when one month or more of cancelling a lock-up has not passed since the last cancelling a lock-up.
-The number of stocks of which a lock-up is canceled is less than 20% of the number of stocks which is in a market then.
-This rule will be performed from June 1, 2008.


"Bay City Dockland" SIM, The auction was completed.

The lowest price is L$145/sqm and peak price is L$369/sqm, among the lands put on the market.
There are seven blockss of Japanese owner.

- 388sqm:L$120,000(312.5)
- 720sqm:L$159,000(220.8)
- 384sqm:L$142,000(369.8)


SLOJ(Secon Life Online Japan), Paid Dividends as April

Yesterday, SLOJ(Secon Life Online Japan) paid dividends as April, L$0.12 per share.
This is the highest ever dividend in SLSE(Second Life Stock Exchange) Japan.

Price Jump! "Bay City" SIM

L$ auction is provided with "Bay City" SIM one after another.
I went to see the land knocked down today, "Bay City Dockland" SIM.

Some land's owner is a Japanese, President of NJT(New Japan Trading) nanapori Oh, President of SLOJ(Second Life online Japan) ryo Ballinger, Chairman of CSJP(Cyber Space Market Sharing) Taiichi Tiger.

Some lands are put on the market.

1,024sqm:L$182,000 (L$177.7/sqm)
720sqm:L$159,000 (L$220.8/sqm)
1,024sqm:L$149,000 (L$145.5/sqm)
1,072sqm:L$210,000 (L$195.9/sqm)

From L$145 to L$220 per 1sqm!
Will like this price be continued ?


Financial History in this year, SLSE JAPAN

SLOJ(Second Life Online Japan) listed:Nov, 2007
-Total Issued Shares : 2,000,000
-CEO Owned Shares : 1,960,000
-Dividend Rate : 50%(to Net income)
Dividend is paid to number of stocks the end of the month

April, 2008
Sales : L$7,684,368
Costs : L$7,208,022
Net income : L$476,346

March, 2008
Sales : L$5,958,741
Costs : L$5,574,027
Net income : L$384,714

February, 2008
Sales : L$1,460,026
Costs : L$1,422,950
Net income : L$37,076

January, 2008
Sales : L$L$429,155
Costs : L$228,954
Net income : L$200,201

CSJP(Cyber Space Market Sharing) listed:Nov, 2007
-Total Issued Shares : 408,000
-CEO Owned Shares : 348,000
-Dividend Rate : 30%(to Net income)
Dividend is paid to number of stocks 20th every month.

April, 2008
Sales : L$L$80,000
Costs : L$465,027
Net income : -L$385,027
--Payment specially in this month
-Web design : L$250,000
-Rent a land : L$80,377

March, 2008
Sales : L$110,000
Costs : L$131,650
Net income : -L$21,650

February, 2008
Sales : L$190,000
Costs : L$148,650
Net income : L$41,350

January, 2008
Sales : L$153,000
Costs : L$125,242
Net income : L$27,758

GRSC(GraphicSociey )listed: Feb, 2008
-Total Issued Shares : 545,000
-CEO Owned Shares : 480,000
-Dividend Rate : 30%(to Net income)
Dividend is paid to number of stocks the end of the month.

April, 2008
Sales : L$42,792
Costs : L$46,920
Net income : -L$-4,128

March, 2008
Sales : L$49,821
Costs : L$68,940
Net income : -L$19,119

February, 2008
Sales : L$32,616
Costs : L$47,875
Net income : -L$15,259

SLSE JAPAN Listed Companies Monthly Financial Reports, April

SLSE(Second Life Stock Exchange) JAPAN released the monthly financial report that three listed companies, 20 May.

SLSE Website >>SLSE JAPAN >> SLSE JAPAN(AltaVista)

-SLOJ(Second Life Online Japan) listed : Nov, 2007

SLOJ official website : Second Life Online. com

SLOJ is a company which is mainly a real estate business.

-Total Issued Shares : 2,000,000
-CEO Owned Shares : 1,960,000
-Dividend Rate : 50%(to Net income)
Dividend is paid to number of stocks the end of the month

=April, 2008
--Sales : L$7,684,368
--Costs : L$7,208,022
--Net income : L$476,346

Price, the end of the April : L$52.00
Net income : L$476,346
Total issued shares : 2,000,000

-EPS(Earnings Per Share) : 476,346 ÷ 2,000,000 = 0.24
-PER(Price Earnings Ratio) : 52.00 ÷ 0.24 = 217
Year of PER : 217 ÷ 12 = 18.1

-CSJP(Cyber Space Market Sharing) listed : Nov, 2007

CSJP official website :
Cyber Space Market Sharing
Cyber Space Market Sharing (AltaVista)

CSJP is a company which is mainly a Mile point service "SL Mile" .

-Total Issued Shares : 408,000
-CEO Owned Shares : 348,000
-Dividend Rate : 30%(to Net income)
Dividend is paid to number of stocks 20th every month.

=April, 2008
--Sales : L$L$80,000
--Costs : L$465,027
--Net income : -L$385,027

--Payment specially
-Web design : L$250,000
-Rent a land : L$80,377

-GRSC(GraphicSociey ) listed : Feb, 2008

GRSC official website :
Virtual Wedding project
Virtual Wedding project (AltaVista)

GRSC is a company which is mainly a Virtual Wedding Project.

-Total Issued Shares : 545,000
-CEO Owned Shares : 480,000
-Dividend Rate : 30%(to Net income)
Dividend is paid to number of stocks the end of the month.

=April, 2008
--Sales : L$42,792
--Costs : L$46,920
--Net income : -L$-4,128


Free Kingyo NEBUTA(Goldfish NEBUTA)

One of the most famous Japanese festival NEBUTA at Aomori Japan.

NEBUTA is the verry big lantern that are made of a wood base, carefully covered with same Japanese paper, beautifully colored, and lighted from the inner part with hundreds of light bulbs.
In early August the colorful NEBUTA are pulled through the streets accompanied by people dancing in native Nebuta costumes, playing tunes on flutes and drums.

Kingyo NEBUTA (Goldfish NEBUTA) is decorated in a town, while a NEBUTA festival.


A Japanese Second Life stock exchange

The Japanese Second Life stock exchange "SLSE" started in November, last year.
There are three listed companies now.

* The Japanese Second Life stock exchange "SLSE" is service for who can understand Japanese writen by the kanji.

Registration method

-You go to SLSE on KabuSIM>>SLSE(SLurl)
-Right-click on ATM
-Click "Pay..."

-Pay some money

-A password is displayed on a chat window, it is good to note a password

Stock trading

-Go to SLSE Website >>SLSE
-Click "Trading" upper a page

-Type "Firstname", "Secondname", "Password"

-Select company (You may select all)
-Click "Add" button

-Click any "Company name"

Now, You can trade :)


Protected Water Access, Water Front New SIM

Special price!

  • Protected Water Access
  • Water Front New SIM
  • Jeaden (Mature) -Mainland

  • 512sqm / L$5,999 SOLD OUT
  • 512sqm / L$5,999 SOLD OUT

Jeaden -Mainland(SLurl)


Japanese GETA and school uniform

We have 4 kind of GETA.
We made carefully till the small part.

-for male. paulownia.

-for male. baked paulownia.

-for female. paulownia.

-for female. black-Yoshicho.

GETA is usually worn with a kimono.
And cheering group guys of a high school or a univercity who wear GETA with school uniform.

Japanese school uniform was called "gakuran", and that's long version was called "cho-ran".
I feel woman wear "cho-ran" that is very cool. in fact sometime I wear it.


Land for SALE in Mainland 1 =Second Life=

  • Green flat hill.
  • A good place for your first land.
  • There is a mall that is a low building in the next land, a shop or a mall is also good.
-- 512 sqm / L$3,900
-- 512 sqm / L$3,900



the Japanese garden =Second Life=

-Roligt!: Konichiwa!

I did not know about the Japanese garden on Info Island International until I read Rolig's blog.
It is very beautiful there.

The rock in a pond is cool. I love it.

The person who visited the Japanese garden can get a small Japanese garden and more free items.

Thank you Rolig! (^^)/

Top Sightseeing Spots in Second Life Japan

-Top Sightseeing Spots in Second Life Japan « LongCountdown.com - Nick Ramsay's Blog

This blog is introducing sightseeing spots in Second Life Japan verry well.
I knew a few, but there were many places which I did not know.
Although I am a Japanese.(^^;

Although this blog is introducing Sensoji Temple in Edo, Edo SIM became larger now.

-Edo castle

-SLurl >> http://slurl.com/secondlife/EDO%2003/142/17/51

there were geisha , geiko, maiko (apprentice geishas) town in Edo.

-SLurl >> http://slurl.com/secondlife/EDO%20Yoshiwara/120/40/22

-Edo revives with reality in a Second Life(original Japanese blog)
-Edo revives with reality in a Second Life(AltaVista)

Price free service of upload a texture =Second Life=

There is that the upload cost of a texture is no charge to 20 per month in Japan.
That's name is "SLUP!".
-Although it was the beta test version before, it is working formally.
-Registration is also possible now.

-SLUP! (AltaVista)

Hay! camp is over!
Why do you camp in order to upload one texture?
Stop! It is meaningless!
You are SLUPPER from today!

The file which can be uploaded are jpg, bmp, png, tga(24bit).
Upload is easy.
You can upload a local file from this page.

When you upload a file the SLUP!'s avator will send a picture to your avator in Second Life.

The advertisement by a sponsor is filled up with an upload charge.

-SLUP! Press releases (AltaVista)



Free TATAMI 1 is only one mat, but Free TATAMI 2 is 6 kind of TATAMI that are 3 mats - 12 mats Japanese traditional setting.

-3 mats = 2m x 3m
-4.5 mats = 3m x 3m
-6 mats = 3m x 4m
-8 mats = 4m x 4m
-10 mats = 4m x 5m
-12 mats = 4m x 6m

Free TATAMI 2 ==> DHARMAYA (SLurl)


Japanese mat TATAMI to the Second Life

This is a Dharmaya's free item "TATAMI 1" include HUGE PRIM.

Lower photograph, The scale has made a mistake.
One TATAMI is not large in this way. It is usually 1m x 2m.

If you want to enlarge a TATAMI more, you can editing like a lower photograph.

Free TATAMI 1 ==> DHARMAYA (SLurl)

SUN starts offer of a multi-currency exchange system =Second Life=

Corporation SUN announced that it developed the multi-currency settlement system for the first time in the world.
It can exchange the Linden Dollars which is virtual currency for the Japanese yen or other currency .
SUN provides the management person of SIM with this system and a user can do currency exchange by using ATM set up in SIM.
This ATM can use Japanese language and When operation in which a user exchanges an Linden Dollars for the Japanese yen is carried out, the Japanese yen is transferred to a user's bank account.

The Linden Lab company which manages a Second Life gives the Linden Dollars purchase system.
And here is the system of Paypal.SUN realized this service by applying original settlement-of-accounts technology to them.

SUN will acquire a profit from the user of a system by taking the charge of system use.
SUN is also planning overseas deployment and the system distribution corresponding to other currency (Euro, former , etc.) is also planned.

The Okui koutarou representative director of SUN said by Press Releases ;
"When a Linden Dollars can exchange for many currency, much more Second Life users come to use.
It is expected that the economy within a Second Life will be activated by that cause."

-May 07, 2008

-Original source (Japanese) THE SECOND TIMES